"James is my barber. I won't go anywhere else because I enjoy spending that 15-30 minutes (depending on how long my hair is) in his chair, every time. Sure, the hair cut is spot on, but once you get to know to him as a person, you'll also find that he's genuine, fun, responsible and holds a good conversation. Having realized this much, I invited him to be my barber on my wedding day. Best decision. We all looked great that day and all 10 groomsmen wanted James as their next."

-Paul Skirbe


"James has been cutting my hair for a few years at his shop in Midtown. When I told him I was getting married, he mentioned his new business venture, The Grooms Day (after congratulating me profusely, of course). James is the only person who I will let cut my hair and is a great guy to spend any amount of time with – so without hesitation I signed it up. On the day of, James showed up to my hotel with a full barber setup (including the hot towels!) and an awesome taco spread. The food was delicious, the cuts and shaves were awesome and all my guys were looking totally fresh for my big day. I can’t recommend James and The Grooms Day enough – it was a great way to hang with my guys (and James) in the hours leading up to my wedding."

-John Samela

" I'd tried various midtown Barbers over the last 8 years until I got a walk in with James a couple years ago and since then I've looked no further.  First off,  he is a highly skilled professional capable of both understanding what kind of cut/style his clients' want, but also the eye to suggest what else might work. In addition, you're going to have a great conversation when your in his chair regardless of the topic.  He's just a great guy to be around.  I tell him the only reason I come back is the hot towel at the end, but truth is, when it comes to getting a dependable, consistent cut/cleanup/shave and a top notch level of service, there's not a Barber I trust more than James.  If I wanted to get myself and my crew looking good for a big day,  James would be theguy!  Highly recommend! "


- Shawn

Let me start off by saying that I feel obligated to write this testimonial. There are certain people in business and in life that you tend to appreciate. One of those people for me would be James. 

When I first started working in the city I booked appointments with a few different barbers in a few different barber shops. All of them seemed to treat me as the next "customer" they had to tend to before it was time to go home. 

This was not the case when I first sat in James's chair. He gave me a warm welcome, shook my hand and asked how he could help. "How can I help" went very far with me considering I was contemplating a new style. I told him I didn't know what to do with my hair but I wanted something new. 

His reply was: "what do you do for a living?"
I answered and without hesitating he showed me 3 different styles of haircuts on his phone which he saw as a good fit. 

I choose one that looked just right for me. The end result looked better than the picture. After a couple of laughs and some "shop talk" he offered a hot towel shave like the old school barbers. If there is anything that will make you feel like a gangster in one of the old mob movies, its a hot towel shave in the heart of NYC.  5 Stars!

Needless to say James is now the only barber I trust, and every time I walk in the shop I know I can expect the same kind of friendliness and quality haircut like I got the first time. This is the reason he does not have customers.... He has clients.

Thank You James

-Jordan Hernandez

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